You’re here!

Well little one you are 7 weeks old today and you’re the most beautiful lovely baby in the world! We would say that!

I’m currently sat in our lounge rocking you in a bouncer with my right leg whilst you sleep with Loose Women on in the back ground. I’ve managed to shower and get dressed and make myself some hearty healthy vegetable soup.

You allow me these pleasures because you are already so chilled out, for 20 mins at a time you’re content in your rocker as long as we’re near you’re happy to entertain yourself and I’m so grateful for this time.

There’s nothing I love more than your cuddles and already these are changing. When you were first born for a few weeks you would curl up really small on my chest and tuck your legs up as if you were still inside me. You’re a bit long for this now so you tend to hook your legs around me instead.

Writing this is hard, my love for you is painful, every bit of growing you do delights me but it also saddens me that every new step means you’ve left something of behind. This is not your fault of course and growing is the best thing you can do but I have suffered with what they call the baby blues…..

I find the blues hit me when I’m home alone with you all day as I am today. I just love you so much it makes me cry, it sounds mad I know but that’s how it is. The answer…. we keep busy! We go out all the time and in fact when you wake up from this nap we will be walking into Shirley. I’m going to buy some jeans in my current size. I was reluctant to buy any clothes as was hoping I would be able to get to the gym by 6 weeks but alas that hasn’t happened and I’m fed up of wearing the same skirts and dresses all the time.

I would like to back track and write about the birth. We had a hard time you and me! It deserves a blog post of its own so I shall write about that over the next few blogs.